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For an 0 MSRP gun, you'd think RIA would at least paint the front sight.That black sight would get lost in a dark defensive scenario. It was a tool to get dinner, Shoot a coyote, Pound in a nail in the fence ETC. The cylinder has some heavy scratches (deep marks on one side from sliding around on the floor of a truck ETC.(BRAVO on the handling of "JA's" limp-wristed feedback from December `16. I know that because I buy lots of 50 to 100 thousand primers at a time.He/she is just a troll who has no reason to be on this site other than to bust yer balls. I'd stand by you any day versus that twit.) Martin R. The action is so smooth that you can cock it Quickly and Smoothly.this shoots like my Kimber TLE II/RL (w/o the night sights of course). Respectfully, Deputy Tom Peters First off thank you for your website.

jeff I want my two S&W 65 -2 and 65-3 modified to accept moon clips. Scott Satterlee November 13, 2017 Contact Tom at TK Customs. https:// jeff Hello Jeff, Hope weather is good where you are. A while back I emailed you requesting you do a review of Hal's Pathfinder, I left out something.As a Peace Officer I have been forced to carry the Glocks and I can not speak bad about their absolute reliability, but I will always have 1-2 good O'l American 1911 close at hand.As far as history, I was pleased when Remington got back in the game but until lately I did not seriously consider owning one.Could not find what to do on web site to make that happen. I read the same article, something about the way he worded things made you feel like you new him.Anyway, in 1979 I was working as a draftsman, about 9,000 per year income, wife full time college student, saving for down payment on old farm house so cash was limited to say the least.I will only change 2 things: Grips will be G10 green & black Gator; and night sights if I can ever find any for this.


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