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This is the last v9.0 update Running Un CTT on these update-files extracts an update installation program at a selected location. A "Mini" update (if any) is a small download that only contains small fixes of the current release and must be added after the main release.

The FIReverb Suite 5th edition stadalone was released Oct 2010 (v8.0k full version includes 5th edition).

Fixed in v1.0c release 100819: Since release of TUCT there have been a handful of cases reported where these algorithm options have created strange results.

Important note: The Suite is considered an upgrade and to have it run in full mode, your full-version CATT-Acoustic key must not have expired.

Typical symptoms a crash when "Show both sides" and that the display would have triangles when there should be 4-corner FACEs.

This affects the display only, not the export to GEO.

Related to that a Directivity module File menu addition to simplify creating a one- element CTA-file from a loaded CF1/CF2-file where an equivalent Sensitivity can be given based on other CLF-file or manufacturer information.

A small exe in v9.1 (resample.exe) has been flagged by a few anti-virus software (but not by any of the four used to check the installations before upload) that had to do with one version of the compiler used (only for this program).


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