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“Not in front of her Jaden, please,” Jaden said nothing but stood up and came across to me, grabbed my arm, half turned me around, and smacked my bottom. Jaden pulled me down across her lap and I remembered to have my legs fully spread apart.She said slowly, with a smack on my bottom between each word, “I .. I just had time to look across at the bed and Prudence’s smirking face looking at my bottom and quite possibly my Brazilian cut pussy when the first spank landed on my bare bottom followed by the second and third, and soon Jaden was spanking in a constant rhythm first on one bare bottom cheek then the other, after a while spanking the back of one leg and then the other and then inside both my thighs. I was in my see through dress and as soon as Isobel saw it her eyes popped out and she said, “Wow, when did you get that Alexis?” Jaden answered, “I did actually Isobel, but don’t worry there is one for you upstairs.” Isobel’s mouth dropped open and I could see she pursed her lips to stop herself saying anything rude.I said I needed to as well as I thought it better if I was with her as Jaden was bound to make her wait.

” I turned to her and a little anxious as I knew how strict Jaden had become and instead of answering Isobel’s question said, “Isobel, you had better get changed because if we take too long to get back downstairs we will both get it.” Isobel gave an accepting shrug and went to the bed to look at the dress she was going to have to wear.I know my legs were kicking but I kept my hands on the floor to balance.Jaden had her hand on my waist keeping me in place instead of her usual place on my breast and it was only later I realised that was because of our visitor.Anyway we got through Jaden’s lecture and went back upstairs.The afternoon passed quite well until Isobel needed to go to the toilet.The tears flowed as the spanking continued and I know I shrieked out when Jaden used the spoon on my legs and inner thighs.


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