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The antivirus protection is dependable and the firewall is flexible yet extensive enough to offer a solid protective layer.This is great software for small and mid sized companies but this does require an administrator with a solid understanding of your network and your business rules.

The Management Console offers a lot of good tools such as monitoring, reports, client management.They repeatedly ask for your information after they have taken it and given you a case number. Very simple interface but still gives the ability to do set basic exclusions.Takes all the hassle of management out of SEP and gives an easy way to get reports and notifications on what is happening on your network The management console is quite different then the normal SEP product.It can be processor intensive when scanning so be sure to schedule scans for off peak periods.Windows 10 patches are very huge in size and a single bullentin comes along with update for different builds.As a result, it stops targeted attacks and advanced, persistent threats with a degree of protection that far exceeds the capacities of traditional anti-virus.


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