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They remember talking to us, they remember meeting us and they are willing to speak to us afterwards.

It has been an opportunity to speak to some customers that we would not have otherwise have had any engagement level with and certainly from today we’ve found out about some opportunities that we may have not heard about until they’d actively come to market so we’re able to influence earlier in the process than we would normally have been able to.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, we’ll be back next year.

There is a huge range of delegates here and we've had some really useful conversations.

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We went to the speed networking this morning which was a really good opportunity to create some brand awareness.Terence: Thanks, Tony Inundated with enquiries; this has to be the best way to sell equipment; I'll be recommending your site to others who want to sell machinery.Steve: After many enquiries including the USA and Canada I sold the Myford for the asking price: Thanks for your help - I will certainly use your site in the future.The structure is really good in that they tell you in advance what you can expect and on the day you get to plan which streams are most interesting as well as which suppliers are available for a one-on-one conversation.There is a lot of information here today about things like digital media and advances in technology for supporting students.Power sliding and sutfacing feeds and a fully enclosed safety leadscrew. £55 Pictures of the Myford vertical milling slide and rotary table for sale here. Well equipped and including a large collection of metal bar stock, blocks of bronze and other items stored in the workshop with the machine - these appearing to include: 3-jaw chuck (possibly two), 4-way toolpost, thread-dial indicator, tailstock chuck, drive dogs.


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