R kelly dating history

"If you disclose your relationship with him [to another woman] – how long you've known him or whatever – you can get beat," she said.

In one account, Jones said Kelly put hands on her after she asked him about the infamous sex tape that led to his 2003 arrest for child pornography (he was acquitted in trial).

Jones recalled quitting her job and moving to Chicago to live with Kelly.

Kelly of holding young women against their will in a cult, his ex-girlfriend Kitti Jones is claiming the R&B crooner sexually and physically abused her. Though often accused, Kelly has never been convicted of a sex crime, according to the Daily Beast. Especially since the R&B star has a long history of being accused of statutory rape with teenage girls. The two appear to have gone public with their relationship last weekend at an Atlanta party by posting a photo of them on social media."Ninety-nine percent of the time, I didn't want to do it and I would tell him I didn't want to do it," she claimed, also noting that she once vomited after performing oral sex on another one of Kelly's girlfriends. It's so traumatic the things that he makes you do to other people and to him," she shared. "I want them to not be so dismissive towards the women that are speaking out.We're not just rolling over out of bed and saying, ' Hmm, let me just make up a story about R. Let me make it sound similar to something that he's already been accused of and put my own remix to it just [because] I want some attention.' [Anyone who has spoken out] has gotten annihilated in the press [and] from fans." Thanks @rollingstone You allowed me to put it EXACTLY how it happened!She says she was willing to overlook them because Kelly was opening up to her about his secrets and past traumas.


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