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You've found the smartest way to book Jamaica vacations.Click a price below to see our unique vacation grid.Enjoy the all-inclusive resorts, beautiful natural surroundings, and exciting excursions on your Jamaica vacation.Getting Around: Arrive at Sangster International Airport (MBJ) in Montego Bay.

Home of reggae music, jerk seasonings, and friendly locals, this island on the Caribbean Sea is a favourite Canadian destination.

Often kids and parents had opportunities to participate together in dance contests, or trivia games, or other activities on the central stage. Your rate sounds about right - I'm not sure you're going to find anything any cheaper than that! The Holiday Inn Sunspree is strictly an all inclusive resort.

The resort has a small island for sunbathing easily accessible with a short walk through the ocean. I ran up to the desk and to my surprise the gentlemen at the counter dropped what he was doing rang his bell several times, and a manager came over. We were told by the local Jamaican folks that the rainy season start in May and continues into September, so I'd recommend going in March/April! $ 1800.00 for all inclusive hotel plus air and 2 tours, also get the trans form/ to - airport approx. The starting price for the current special at the Holiday Inn Sunspree is based on flights out of Miami, however you can change the departure city to New York.

the room was not as comfortable as I would have hoped because the linen on the bed was grainy--low thread count. I wish the hotel was not as old because you could tell. We just returned from our 4th stay at Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort. They must see thousands of guests each year, but what a heart-warming feeling for us when many employees greeted us with hugs and exclamations of how wonderful it was to see us again. To my surprise, we got an upgrade, bunk beds with their own TV, play station, larger room and we got a kin bed. If you are looking for a 5 star this is not for you. Yes, you will need a passport to get in and out of Jamaica.

The hotel store had everything one would need --even beef patties! These weren't "fake" greetings; it was evident in the eyes of the employees that they truly recognized us. We just got back last week and had a wonderful time! Hi, just to let you know that you do need passports for Jamaica. Hope this comes in 9 rate is a base rate and it goes up based on where you fly from.


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