However, I should preface what I am about to say in order to be both clear to readers as well as fair to the owner of the url or domain name.

The actual live webcams technology offered on are originally housed at

In case the owner of the url that operates , as a partner of the platform ever moves their url you won’t ever face any hassles.

Editor conclusions of : We have been a member of the platform that power this original url for years and I have to confess we are users as well.

When you join streamate you can actually use any of the copy cat like sites under their platform which is about 400 of the site below.

This is because 400 of the sites below are really just using the streamate site platform with the only real difference being that other people own the urls.

Moreover we also offer REAL CONSUMERS the ability to leave their own reviews.

Collectively this better method better informs everyone who maybe considering using these sites.

That being said, if you were worried if it was a scam we can assure you that it is NOT a scam.

Likewise, over time the actual user reviews we collect also is less prone to any bias.

The information and content on this site is original and owned by Adult Webcams. You may not copy or redistribute the information without express written consent.

Lastly we also offer comparison tables and charts that are broken down into 5 different niches.

This gives you the ability to compare Gay, Mature, Shemale, and Asian adult webcam sites all on 1 page.


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