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That includes being able to share links, files and photos, as well as instant messaging. Even if you think you've mastered Skype, the free video chat service is always updating its software.I've used Skype for a long time, but when I was ready to call someone recently, I realized that the interface looked different and I hadn't built in time for this aggravation. It's often not flattering to sit squarely in front of the camera.These visits may soon be interrupted as the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections ends the contract with the company that provides these services.Myra and other families with incarcerated loved ones have been visiting Connection Training Services in North Philadelphia, a multi-funded agency that offers a variety of adult programs dealing with education, mentoring and reentry initiatives.To make eye contact on Skype, you need to look into the camera on your computer - not on the image of the person on the screen.You'll want to adjust your camera so it's ateye level.The interviewer isn't just going to get a good look at you. Whenever I Skype someone -- unless it's one of my brothers or sisters -- I make sure my office looks clean.

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Recent statistics show that seniors are rapidly entering the social networks arena.“If I didn’t come here, I would have to ride the bus.I would have to get up at four in the morning to get to 30th Street.” Myra lives by herself and the early morning trek in the dark is not ideal.Sign up for a network, connect with friends (you might even discover some old friends) and enjoy the results. Even when you study online, you’re part of a community, and coursework can connect you to students of all ages who share your interests.Click here to see Senior Planet’s list of free online courses. Numerous studies have shown that those suffering with depression and anxiety feel better when helping others.Turn off your office phone and cell phone and keep dogs and cats out of the room.


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