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That holiday was the last time I ate meat and I pity the boy in this photo who had more in common with those sheep than he realised.I'm happy to say that I'm now much closer to knowing the true cost of my food.Perfect for an elegant evening look, the burgundy colour is both classy and a universally-flattering shade.Fishtail skirts are also an extremely flattering style and add an instant chicness to any dress.The pair confirmed they were in a relationship in April 2015.Stepping out at the New York City premiere of Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Evanna told Us magazine that she and Robbie were no longer an item, though she said: "We're still friends." The animal lover added: "We're both vegans, so we go to a lot of vegan events together.In fact, just three weeks ago, Robbie posted a throwback picture of the pair of them enjoying themselves in New Zealand where he reveals her influence had an impact on his eschewing meat and embracing a plant based diet.In a custom vintage Shareen dress, Harry Potter star, Evanna Lynch, looked glamorous as she attended the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premiere in November.

The two had So in honor of this too-good-to-be-true romantical pairing, we've used our brain-hats to sort some other "Potter" singletons into relationship bliss."It's about, 'I like this person better than everyone else and they bring something to my life.I'm all about relationships being a real friendship.But Lynch's new love is a "total meat-eater" which means they have to compromise when dining out. He really challenges me on these things and I have to think more.I have certain rules like he's not allowed to eat baby animals when I'm around, so no lamb.The tour was great but it was just as much fun meeting the every-day inhabitants of ' Middle Earth'... Evy had sworn off meat basically as soon as someone can consciously choose to and has a special affinity for animals, so visiting places like that with her is always fun and we had a great morning. Over the next week, whenever she raised the subject I'd fight, defensively, to justify my 'position'. Now I should add, that this kind of inquisition and accusation is entirely out of character for Eve.


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