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With our dating software, members can create profiles, search for others, instant message each other, and much much more!

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You are older, wiser, solidified and open to whatever comes your way.

SCRIPT SUPPORT - You receive 1 free install for scripts bought on this website, for updates or if you edit the script and need our support, you can purchase our premium script support service below. Script support service is based on one hour time minimum.

PG Dating Pro, the easy-to-use software for building your own dating website.

Dating Pro is a ready-made dating software to create a dating website practically in hours.

Going it alone requires tremendous fortitude, a fuck-it meets can-do attitude.

The back story is that I started the year with a break-up, moved four times, lived in a warehouse with 13 roommates, traveled to Japan alone and discovered that online dating can be fun.

Most of all, it requires the strength to love your flawed, humble self.

It’s a phoenix process, dusting the char off your wings as you confront a new set of possibilities. If you just went through a major break-up, some of your couple friends may fade out faster than a one-night stand.

All that emotional hard work of figuring out why things turned out the way it did puts you far more in touch with yourself.

In the realm of daily pragmatic matters, you discover the true extent of your capabilities, as things the other person took care of are now something you have to do.


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