Dating winchester 140

The Ranger models were less expensive versions of other Winchester models.

Production cost was reduced by using birch in place of walnut for stocks and less buffing of the metal prior to finishing.

The 1972-73 production passed 8,250 when the model was again discontinued.

For those interested, here's the reply I received from the Cody Firearms Museum. "There is very little information available, in my resources, about the Ranger series produced by Winchester.

These revolvers were the Walch .31 caliber style with superposed loads, made from 1860 to 1861.

George Watrous, a Winchester employee, counted total production at 764,215 in 1944 when he made a count.

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From 1897 to 1899, Models 1897 were serially numbered with the Model 1893. Model 1897 serial numbers begin at serial number 31609, approximately where the 1893 model serials ended. Total production of the model 1897 reached 1,024,700, when the parts clean-up began, resulting in 2,000 more guns assembled.

Serial numbers of the Model 1901 begin where the Model 1887 left off, with some over lapping from 1898 to 1901. Total production approximately 13,500 guns, including the numbers skipped.


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