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Now, I’d only ever ridden up Potatopatch to the top of Bear Creek…I had never pedaled it all the way to the top of the ridge. After getting back home and uploading my ride to Strava, I realized just how bad that climb truly was: over 2,000 vertical feet in about 5.5 miles. Riding 100 miles on a mountain bike is no easy task.I had a horrific cold the week of March 18-24 that kept me confined to the house and off the bike for over a week.Also, mad props to my friend Brent for hanging with me the entire time, and doing it on a singlespeed.

Initially, I was planning on having two weekends of taper prior to the race, but if I don’t hit my desired goal next weekend, I may attempt it again the following week. Update 4/8/13 So the “following week” came and went before this post went to press, so I thought I should update with some info from this past weekend.

The final grind back on CCC camp road was torturous.

Already over 50 miles in with a projected 26 more to go, I quickly decided there was no way I was hitting my goal of 76 miles… Well, after pedaling over 10 miles back on old CCC camp and then Mulberry Gap road, complete with even more soul-crushing gravel road hike-a-bikes, we made an attempt to add on a little more road pedaling to make up the miles.

It seems that nothing ever goes completely according to plan when you’re training for a race, and this most recent weekend was no exception.

Due to some unfortunate forgetfulness on my part, I left a bunch of my favorite mountain bike gear at Jeff’s house in Atlanta on Wednesday: my favorite hydration pack, arm warmers, favorite multi tool, external battery for my i Phone, and most importantly, my shoes.


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