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Finally, if at any time three jokers appeared (that's Joker, Joker, JOKER!

), that contestant had a chance to pull off an instant win by answering one question from one category correctly.

One category showing was worth single amount, two of the same category was worth double the amount and three of the same was worth four times.

Also, there was one Joker space on each reel, the player had the choice of making the joker any category or by selecting one of the others and the joker. In 2017, the show was rebooted on TBS after being off the air for more than 26 years, hosted by rapper Snoop Dogg under the "appropriately" self-titled Snoop Dogg Presents The Joker's Wild as it plays slightly different from the original version. In this pilot shot on December 8, 1968 and hosted by Password host Allen Ludden, the giant slot machine had categories that "came to life", because the categories were represented by five celebrity guests.

The contestants could match up the joker with any category they chose, and they could also use the joker(s) to go off the board, and select a different category.

But if at any time three jokers came up (that's Joker, Joker, JOKER!

Allen Ludden (1968–1969)Jack Barry (1971–1984)Jim Peck (sub; 1981–1984, 1986)Bill Cullen (1984–1986)Pat Finn (1990–1991)Mark Maxwell-Smith (Pilot 1, 2006)Alex Cambert (Pilot 2, 2006)Snoop Dogg (2017–Present) Lee Vines (1968–1969)Marc Summers (sub, 1973)Johnny Jacobs (1972–1975, sub in 1978)Johnny Gilbert (sub)Jay Stewart (1977–1981)Bob Hilton (sub, 1980)Art James (sub, 1980)Charlie O'Donnell (1981–1986, 2006)Ed Mc Kay (1990–1991)Jeannie Mai (2017–Present) Jack Barry Productions (1968–1975)Barry & Enright Productions (1977–1986)Kline & Friends/Jack Barry Productions (1990–1991)Sony Pictures Television (2006–Present)Snoopadelic Films (2017–Present)SMAC Productions (2017–Present)Studio T (2017–Present) The Joker's Wild is a quiz based game show where categories were presented by spinning a slot machine.

Several categories were in the mix and after choosing a category, you had to answer a question related to it to get money.

The winning contestant took up to three spins of the wheels, on each spin, three prizes were displayed. A second pilot was taped a month later on January 5, 1969.Both contestants took an equal number of turns and the first one to score 13 points won the game.Should the first contestant make it 13 or more first, the other contestant had one last spin in an attempt to catch-up.The rules were similar to the rules below with the following exceptions: In the event of a tie, the lowest scorer was eliminated and play continued until one was ahead after each round.The bonus round was similar to that of the Ludden pilots but had more elaborate prizes.The winner of the game kept his/her money and earned a chance to play the bonus game.


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